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3 Ways to Know if you’re in Love…

3 ways to know if you’re in love!!! Hey! Are you confused and want to know if you’re in love or not?  Is it just a phase of a simple attractions or sexual desires?

Well here are 3 ways to clear everything up to find out whether or not you’re in love.

At some point in our life we are face with this ultimate question “Am I in Love?” and we can deny it, over think it or even try to validate what we are feeling. The most logical question we then ask ourselves is “How do I Know I’m in Love?” There are a lot of different stages our emotions carry us through in life especially on a romantic level. We have to learn how to be in tune and in sync with our emotions. If you don’t learn how to understand your emotions then your emotions can ruin you.

There are a lot of ways to identify if you’re in love, however we can easily confuse our feelings thinking we are in love when we are not or even thinking we aren’t in love when we are.

A coupe that is in love.

  • Is it a Phase?

Often time we are going through a phase in our life and what we think is real, is only for a matter of time, and in the moment of occurrence. The thing is a phase is just for a distinct period of time, it doesn’t last forever it has a set limit. The number one way to know if you’re not in love and just going through a phase is that it doesn’t last long and it doesn’t really evolve as time goes along and you get to know the persons more. A phase is also most felt in the present of the situation and not as strong when you are away from it. In other words you will mostly feel the attraction towards the person when you are around them and not so much when you aren’t.

coupe in love sharing a loving moment.

  • Is it Lust or Love?

It is naturally easy to distinguish between Lust and Love but not so much when feelings are involved. When we hear Lust we automatically think it is the urge for sexual desires? And that it is, but Lust has more to it that the urges for sexual desire because it takes into account attractions and that for some persons, for lust to take place feelings must be involved to evoke strong sexual desires. In addition Love also brings sexual desire to the table as well. Being in love with someone do evokes strong sexual desire in a lot of persons. With the twist that Lust and Love can cross path in certain occasion which leaves us to the question if what we are feeling is Lust or Love. Different from love, lust is only a strong sexual desire and in most cases there is no feelings, Lust doesn’t evoke a sense of loyalty or commitment in wanting to be with that one person. Yes you can feel lust and still care and feel attraction towards the person but at the same time you don’t really want to be with the person in a serious long term relationship and you can also be attracted to multiple persons feeling the same. Lust doesn’t evoke strong attraction towards the person is a romantic way that doesn’t involve sex.

coupe showing love.

  • Am I In LOVE?

There are a lot of definition and explanations you may come across that can tell you if you’re in love such as feeling butterflies, constantly thinking about the person, want to make the person happy etc. But in some cases these suggestions aren’t always valid for one you can be anxious or nervous that you may pass off as butterflies, you may be overthinking the situation constantly thinking of the person evaluating everything. And you can genuinely be a nice person that want the best for people and seeing them happy, even putting them above you (Selfless).

person in love.

So what are some of the confusing actions that we can misread over our emotions and how do we know we are in love?

3 simple ways are…

  • 1.You slowly start to revolve around the person – When you are in love it somewhat change you, your life no longer involves just you as they have slip into it and the plans that you have and the thing that you do. You start to do and plan stuff unconsciously around them especially when it comes to the future. You see them in your life as a constant and you want to keep them there. The idea of losing them hurts and jealousy is your new best friend. Not in a friendship kind of way you will feel all the romantic and sexual attractions that help validation your attraction to them but when your world starts to revolve around them you know you have fallen.


  • 2.You are somewhat obsess with the person – Having an obsession is deeper than just constantly thinking about them. Thou we may not admit it but if you were ever in love you were somewhat if not a whole lot obsess with the person not just constantly thinking about them but creating 100th of scenarios in your head mostly romantic ones. Thinking of them make your heart all warm and fluffy. You find things that they like interesting even if you never like it you become open to it just because they like it. You may find yourself liking and starting to do somethings because of them. You also are never bored around them, you enjoy their company even if it’s simple doing nothing, their presents have a strong effect on you in ways you can’t even explain yourself but all you know is you want it.


  • 3. They make you happy no matter what – This seems so simple but yet so true while there  may be a lot of person that can make you happy even progress with a crush can turn your day around, but admit it you can be in such a horrible mood that the idea of even your crush doesn’t appeal you or even family member or friends but when you in love that is the one person that can save you from a storm no matter the situation just a thought, a memory even the presence of the person can give your day a full 360 turn. Yes they may not take away the pain or the situation but they make you feel better they’ll make you happy despite of what you are facing. This stage is when you’re a deeply in love that they have somewhat gain control over you


NB. A lot of person will claim to be in love yet cannot relate to this, it just means they aren’t as in love as they think they are, or they aren’t in love at all for Love has the power to make you happy and gives you the strength to face sadness or whatever horrible situation you are in. it doesn’t mean you won’t feel sad and go through horrible stuff but through it all Love will empower and help you overcome while comfort you through it.

A coupe in Love

  • Bonus Tip > When you are in Love with someone you will want no one else. You will only want to be with that person as much and as long as you can. You have a sense of contentment with them you do not notice or focus on their faults or if they didn’t meet all your previous requirement they have conquer all your walls and have penetrated your heart.



Love is complicated yet it can be so simple, a beautiful emotion that add colour, warmth and happiness to life. While some persons are more emotional than others and some person fall harder than other it can be a struggle to tell if you’re in love base off someone’s else feelings therefore you must access your feelings and be in tune, for one thing your emotion won’t do and that is Lie to You!!!

Keep on falling in love as long as Love with catch you and make you Happy!!!

Are you in Love? Please comment and let me know!!!

Wishing your Hearts all the best!!!

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