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What Is Love???

Something everyone tries to hide

Too complicated to explain to a child

Explosion that cause our hearts to go wild

tame a beast, awoke who’s been sleeping for a while.

A vibrant colour you can see from a mile.

not tangible but you can feel every time.

fear of losing it can drive you wild.

Medicine to the heart a potion use

to control the mind. lost yet found

at the same time, like being free while

caged in your own mind.

What I fell is Real.

A different scenario for everyone experiences,

similar characteristics but you can differentiate

how everyone feels towards it. An endless show that

can run forever for once it finish it’s like life is over.

A breath of toxic air yet it could be fresh for the lungs.

obsession constantly playing on the mind that falls second

to none, shines brighter everyday out doing the sun. And if

Scars are Bleeding and Bruise are Blue it’ll takes all the pain

making you feel brand new.

Lost for words for somethings can’t be spoken, trap in a daze

you don’t want to be woken. Drunken from the start you can’t

sober up from it. Like a butterfly tickling your heart impossible

but yet you feel it. This all we bottle into one word and still can’t definite

it even someĀ  fought far for it. A slave to it’s power we kneel before it.

like a game we’re all playing yet no one can truly win it. It breaks us beyond

repair if you every lose it until it finds us again to repair us to relive it.


Can We Truly Conquer It ???

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  1. Davian June 27, 2020

    Is this a poem because it sounds like one.

  2. Davian June 27, 2020

    Favourite part not tangible but you can feel everytime. I got a literary device or figurative fetish for contrast it gives me joy and happiness. Goosebumps

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