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Timelessly In Love…


I’ve put you on the back burner of my mind

So I could forget you overtime, but you always

Find your way back, creeping upon me and I

Have to relieve the reckoning of you burning

the bridge to the love we once got.

My mind fails to get rid of the Thoughts and Memories of you.

Time flies and my tears runs less and the aches grows numb

I can almost rest and finally be over all this.

Not a moment too soon for you were always late. Memories

of you have escape their prison set to haunt me again.

I fake a smile to pretend everything is alright.

A shiver I feel from the touch of your hands and

I’m transported back to the past and once again

I fall apart. A timeless scar you’ve imprinted on my

heart. Though time seems to mend scars it can’t

mend a broken heart for sometimes you’re struck and

time can’t hide every scar.

A desperate heart and a hopeful wish,

How stupid I was to fall for this!

An enchanted light with the look in your eyes.

The danger was tempting so I sacrifice my heart.

Your flames on my skin and I can still feel everything.

Though it has faded, my heart still remembers everything.

Capture by the past, I’ve never wanted to face the light,

For the end of it all could very much end my life.

I can never close that chapter and I can’t resist

From falling into a timeless black hole of our love.

A tortures pleasure I willing ruin myself consistently.

For our love is timeless and I’ll forever relive everything.

Note: Sometimes the past can drastically impact our future. They say that time supposed to heal you but some wound ae timeless and trap in our memories. We may move on and recovery to the best that we can but everyone in a while we may relieve the different scars we’ve got.

Have you ever fallen so deep even though you have move on it still find a way to haunt you every now and then???


A simple Fact– I wrote this poem taking a walk down memory and but couldn’t go all the way cause I didn’t want to relive all of that. I was to summit it to a poem clue I join and I had to create a new poem instantly and I whip this baby up.

Having control over your past is important when dealing with timeless scar and getting over all of that and I’m here to help you with all of that. Ensure to join my newsletter to be on tract!!!

Not everything requires healing for the cure somethings

You just need to be free form. Get over and forgot no possible way to lead back!!!

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  1. Sandy miller June 30, 2020

    It’s a really good poem wow this is really artistic

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