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I’m Prince Chaikim and welcome to my blog infiniteemotions.com. Writing is one of my main passion. I’ve have written a lot of poems, stories, scripts etc. I am very invested in exploring the depths of emotions that we human possess. Our emotions are powerful and deadly a beautiful gift but a dangerous weapon we have. In my blog we’ll explore the depths of emotion unlocking the many secret one cannot see but feels. I’ll also share a few of my poems as well. I’m also my main focus will be around romantic emotions and attraction, which will be that will be one of the main emotions that I’ll will explore on my blog, revealing different secrets and strategies that can not only protect and mend a broken heart but also help with having a healthy loving relationship (ENDGAME).

Welcome aboard!!!

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  1. Davian June 22, 2020

    This sounds very interesting i can’t wait to explore your blogs and learn more about emotions and your views on certain romantic topics.

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