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13 ways to know you have a crush on someone// Ultimate Crush Guide.

13 ways to know you have a crush on someone!!!


There are a lot of ways to know you have a crush on someone or not. First you have to know what a crush is. A crush is an infatuation or obsession with some that you find attractive and want to be with romantically. Are you attracted to someone or have conflicting feelings whether or not you have a crush on them? Here are 13 ways to know if you have a crush on someone.

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13 ways to tell if you have a crush

  1. You find the person attractive – There are lot of person that you will see and find attractive whether because of certain physical quality or their personality. But when you have a crush you will find that person very attractive and not the normal type of attractive that you can shrug off like you do with others, it is the type of attractive that you can’t help but to notice and be drawn to. When you have a crush if you do not know the person you will find them attractive based on their look however if you know the person you most likely find both their physical appearance and their personality attractive.

  1. You admire the person a lot – Admiration for your crush is normally. Most person when do not want to accept that they have a crush will hide what they are feeling behind admiration because it is normal when you have a crush on someone that you will admire them. You will admire the little things about them which is a clear sign you have a crush because you will admire a lot of person in general but when you have a crush you not only admire the general things about them that other can easily take notes of but you will admire the little things that aren’t easily seen you will admire hidden details which show that you are paying a lot of attention to them than you should if you didn’t have a crush on them.

A sign you have a crush on someone.


  1. You constantly think about the person – You can strongly dislike someone and constantly think about them thinking of bad things happening to them or even revenge but when you have a crush your train of thoughts are completely different because when you think about them it will not be anything negative but positive thoughts. You will obsessively think about what they may be like, cute conversations you want to have with them you may try to thinks of ways to not have a crush on them and so forth but no matter what you constantly think about them and cannot stop yourself.


  1. You talk about your crush a lot – If you’re the type of person to like share things with someone that you deem trust worthy like a best friend you will talk about them a lot even when you don’t do not realized that you are because anything in the conversation that make you think about them will make you want to talk about them. Here is where talking about them if the person you talk about them with know who they are you will want to know their opinion on the person as some sort of approval. If you’re still in denial you will not want them to think the person is attractive and so forth but if you aren’t in denial you will want them to find the person attractive and if they don’t you will argue your point that they are.



  1. You always look for your crush – When you really like someone you always unconsciously search for them once you are somewhere that you know they are likely to be whether school, work or an event. Once you reach that specific place you will unconsciously look for them you will not stop looking for them until you find them which will make you feel relief and happy they are their or you get confirmation that they aren’t there and you will hope they show up and if they are not going to be there you’ll feel really disappointed. You will find that you look forward to going to certain places because they will be there so you feel that rush of excitement to see them.

A way to tell you have a crush on someone.

  1. Your get butterflies or nervous or your heart beat increase when talking to them – Whenever the opportunity apprises and you have a conversation with you crush one of the following will happen if not all:


  1. You get Nervous – You will be nervous as you do not want to embarrass yourself but want to appear cool and attractive in their eyes.


  1. You get butterflies – You will feel butterflies when talking to them especially if you find them very attractive and they are physically close to you and you smell their perfumes which smell great to you also if they complement you or say something nice or even if they touch in a friendly gesture.

A way to tell you have a crush


  1. You heartbeat increase – Your heartbeat will sky rock if you are the shy type. You will be nervous and not prepare all while trying to remain cool and calm. You will also be freaking out in your mind that they are talking to you if you and your crush do not know each other or normally talk.

A way to tell you have a crush.


  1. You action around them falls in to one of the following category: (shy, bold, flirty) – your action around you crush or someone you really like will be different around them and it is something that we humans unconscious do without realizing it. Your action around your crush will be one of the following if not all integrated.


  1. Shy – You may get shy around your crush because you do not want to make a fool of yourself and you want to impress them and get them to like you.


  1. Bold – based on you personality and also if you’re the dominate person when it comes to being in a relationship you will not be shy or nervous around them or at least not much for your dominant or bold side will come out where you may be the one to even initiate the conversation in trying to get to know them and also get them to notice you.


  1. Flirty – Based on your personality you may be a fun easy going person that like to joke around while at the same time you a very serious but always display a fun easy going persona. You may be flirty with your crush always giving them little compliments or run a few jokes with them just to get them to smile, you may also be the type to tease them up too. There are time when we may like someone and instead of compliment them we end up teasing them and so forth when we actually want to do the opposite, but be careful with the tease so they don’t take it too serious and end up resenting you.

A sign you have a crush.

  1. You fantasy about the person– There is no doubt that once you have a crush that you will fantasy about them. This a good way to know you have a crush on someone if you fantasies about them think about romantic moments and cute conversation that you will like to have with them. There will be countless amount of time that you will think about them and if you read or watch something romantic you will think of them. Especially at late night you will stay up thinking and fantasizing about being with them and want it to be real. Here is where you’re feeling will grow where you think about the many possibilities or how wonderful it will be if you and them were together.

A sign you have a crush.

  1. You get jealous over crush– A way to know you have a crush on someone is that you get jealous over them even when you are trying not to you cannot control the feeling of being jealous. Even when you are not supposed to feel jealous you do even when you are convincing yourself that you aren’t supposed to. If you see someone flirting with your potential crush the feeling or jealous will arrive it can even cause you to not like the person flirting with your crush. If your crush happen to like someone else you feel jealous of that person and also feel extremely sad and disappointed.

A way to tel you have a Crush.

  1. You’ll unconsciously put the person before yourself – A way to know if you have a crush on someone is that you will put that person before yourself. There may be a situation where you sacrifice something for you crush and shrug it off as nothing really but it is, for example in the case of having a school crush where you have a crush on a fellow classmate if they do not have a tool for a class work you will give them yours and do without and it seems as nothing to you, for you want to make them happy.



  1. You always want to be around crush – You will always want to be around your crush because you like them and find them attractive so for any reason you can think of you will always try to be around them. If you are the shy type you may not want to be around them in the sense of talking to the person and being very close because you are shy and may not reach that stage. Even if you are shy you will still want to be around them even if it is at a distance where you can secretly admire them from afar.

A sign you have a crush.


  1. You look forward to seeing your crush– You will always look forward to seeing them and even talk with them if you talk to the person. That how you can know you have a crush because you will always want to see the person to be around them, you will literally go to certain places because of the possibility of you crush being there. If you are in school you look forward to going to school every day to see them, if you are at work and have a crush on a co-work you look forward to work every day to see them. If you’re crush doesn’t show up you will be disappointed and just want the day to be over hoping that the next day they will be there.

A way to tell you have a crush on someone.


  1. You are obsess with the person– A way to know you really have a crush on someone is if you are obsess with them and I’m not talking about the crazy obsession or the stalker sign though those proves you really have a crush or in love. But I’m talking about the cute type of obsession that you get when you really like someone or in love with someone where you want to find out everything possible about them and want to be around them all the times. A crush is an infatuation with someone, you want to be with in a romantic way, so it is naturally for you to develop an obsession on someone you have a crush on even a little one unnoticeable one.

A sign you have a crush.


If you are thinking about a specific person while going through the different point you have a crush on them. Especially if a lot of these points applied to you and that persons. It is a case that they stand out to you and going through the different reasons triggers certain memories and feeling you have towards them.

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Do you have a crush?

How many of these points applied to you? please comment let me know.

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