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3 Best ways to know if you’re over Breakup//Relationship Guide


3 Best ways to know if you are over Breakup!!! Have you ever or recently experience a breakup and have been couping with the situation of the ending of the relationship?

Are you curious to see if you are finally over the person, over the relationship and over the heart breakup? Well here we’ll discuss the 3 best way you can tell so read to the end.

Reflects a broken heart from a breakup.

  • Have you been through a horrible breakup where you thought that you will never get over the person, but somewhere along the line you started healing and now you are at the point where you want to know if you have completely healed in getting over the person and even may possibly move on? Well we’ll look at the three (3) best ways to tell if you are completely over the person.


  • Breakups are some of the most painful time in our life, losing something that we cherish and invested in is not an easy pill to swallow. There are different types of breakups and it is all based on a lot of factors such as how in love you were, the length of the relationship, the effort and sacrifices made, the desires or goals for the relationship and painfully the reason why it all comes to an end.

  • Based on how a relationship ends can have a lasting and horrible impact on us not just emotionally but also mentally. We can develop trust issue, insecurities or even a phobia to every love again. The sad thing is the person who is more committed and put in the most work are often time not the cause of the breakup it is the one that gives the most who always end up feeling the most hurt from the situation, they are most likely the person that have a harder time to move on and to start over.


  • Not because you may still care about the person doesn’t mean that you are not over the relationship. It is natural for a lot of person after a breakup to not resent the persons overtime based on the situation. You can still have feeling for the person in a platonic way and it doesn’t mean you are not over the person, you just still care about them. It is natural for after being with someone especially in an intimate way as a romantic relationship where you have learn so much about each other and have grown together to always have a place in your heart for them where you will always care about them. It doesn’t mean that you will want to be romantically involved with them again, in a sense it is like you see them as a friend or simple someone you have history with and care about in a non-romantic way.

The Three (3) ways to know are you over breakup/relationship/person are:


  1. You do not think about the person anymore or you rarely ever do – After a breakup you are constantly thinking of the person. Most of the time you are reliving memories of them and also being hurt by the pain of losing them. As time goes by and you accept more and more that it is over and try to distract yourself you start to think about them less. If it is the case where you’re at the stage where you are trying to distract yourself from thinking about them you are not over them because you have to constantly trying to not think about them. However when you are over them you do not need to convince or force yourself to stop thinking about them you will genuinely stop thinking about them. There will be times that you will think about them and notice that if someone doesn’t brought them up or some situation you don’t even remember them. You will notice you are over them for you no longer constantly thinking about them or wondering about them, you will have other things that now take their place in your life even to the point where someone else does whether a crush or a new lover.


  1. You do not get sad over the breakup anymore – Another sign you’re truly over a breakup is that you no longer cry or get sad or upset about the breakup anymore. When you are over someone or a relationship thinking about it doesn’t make you sad or depress anymore. You are in a better place, such a place where you do not dwell on the pain you are free from it. You no longer feel regret, hurt, anger etc. Yes of course a part of you will always regret that you had to experience such pain but even a greater part of you will accept your strength and the growth you got from it. Some persons even reach a point where they are glad that the relationship ended. You will be at a place where you don’t care or even remember it to dwell on it and all the feeling you once had fade away. You are in such a place where it doesn’t affect you the way it used to, you have grown from the situation and have out grown it so it is no longer important to you, they are no longer important to you hence you feel nothing to ways the it.



  1. You do not fell anything for them anymore– one of the greatest thing about getting over someone and a relationship is when you reach the point when you do not feel anything for the person anymore and that is in terms of romantic feelings that you once had. When you are in the early stage of a breakup one of the most hurtful things that cause us a lot of pain is the fact that we still have the feelings that lingers in our heart. Thinking about those feelings and realizing that it is over or whatever cause the breakup hurts. When you remember the romantic moments you once shared with the person those memories sparks the longing romantic feeling and love you have for the person then realizing it is all over now is what hurts us the most. However, when you are over the person you do not feel romantic feeling for them anymore if you do, it is very weak that it doesn’t do anything to you. The memories that once evoke certain emotion and pleasure out of you doesn’t do that anymore it have lost it touch it fades away and all that is left is the memory not the feeling. In a case where you still feel a little attractiong towards them is more so link to the fact that you still remember what you had with them and why you were attracted to them in the first place and those will leave a lingering feeling with you that may come off as you still being attracted to them which uis natural for person to feel but is is not strong feeling more so a memory.

Picture of someone alone.

Bonus Tip:

You do not want to get back together with them – After a breakup there is a stage where you go through which I called the Withdrawal Stage in a breakup. The withdrawal stage in when dealing with broken heart is very similar to the withdrawal stage for person who suffer from drug abuse. The withdrawal stage in a breakup is one of the most painful stages where all you want to do is get back together with the person assuming you really love them. During the withdrawal stages you wish that the breakup never happen. The withdrawal stage of a breakup is the stage where most person end up forgiving and going back to their partner even when they shouldn’t because they aren’t emotional strong enough to get over them. This stage cause a lot of person to remain in some unhealthy relationships as it is not easy to bear the symptoms of withdrawal once getting over a heart break. Once you are at a point when you know that if the opportunity arises for you to get back together with them and you know that you wouldn’t is also a sign that you have truly moved on.


Breakup really sucks and cause a lot of emotional stress if not for both person at least one person. Dealing with a breakup takes time, energy and a lot of emotional strength. But also refreshing and wonderful when you are able to look back at your previous relationship(s) and not feel the pain or the negative emotions that you once feel no longer broken from the situation but heal and also gotten stronger is wonderful.

  1. No longer thinking about the person.
  2. No longer getting upset or feeling hut from the breakup.
  3. No longer feeling a romantic attraction for the person.
  4. You would not get back with them no matter the situation.

Are the three best ways to tell that you are over the breakup and well on your way to even start dating again if your heart so desire.

There are many ways that we can search online of how to get over someone and how to know if you are over them but one real way that you will know is when your feelings tell you that you are over them. Like I always say Your Emotions Never Lie To You.

lonely picture of a breakup.

It is important to understand and to have control over your emotions. So at all time you know what you are feeling and how to express and release it. It is also important to understand what our emotions are saying to us so we aren’t lead a stray from misunderstanding what we are feeling and no one can tell what your emotions are saying for your emotions only communicate with you so you have to learn how to communicate with your emotion.

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