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4 ways to know if someone is being friendly or flirty with you!!!

4 ways to know if someone is being friendly or flirty with you.

Sometimes it can be very confusing in reading the sign whether someone behavior towards us is friendly or flirty towards us showing that they are interested in a dating us. It is good to be able to read and analyze the situation ahead of time so in the case you are not interested you can do some simple things that they will realized you are not and won’t approach you but if you are interested with the person then you can act upon it and won’t have to worry you read the signs wrong and get embarrassed by the situation. Here are 4 ways to know if someone is being friendly or flirty with you.

Differentiate between being friendly and flirty.

Eye Contact– There are a lot of things you can tell with the mere act of having eye contact with a person or simple how someone look at someone or something. As they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. There is a difference when it comes to eye contact with someone being friendly and someone being flirty when around you as a sign of their interest in you.

  • Friendly– When someone is just being friendly or being nice around you having a conversation they will still maintain eye contact with you but not in an intense way the eye contact that they will have with you won’t be one that they held straight throughout the conversation they will look away or even focus on other things while talking, but will maintain eye contact just to ensure that you both are still engage in the conversation. They won’t have a burning gaze with a longing when looking at you like they are telling you something through their eyes.

friendly behavior.

  • Flirty – When someone is being flirty with you they will maintain an intense eye contact with you. They will not look away much but will mostly stare directly in your eyes with a look of suggestion or longing in their eyes it will appear as if they are having another conversation with you from their eyes. They will maintain direct eyes contact with you through the entire conversation only looking away a few times not to seem creep but they will also try to make sure you are looking them in the eyes if you are not they will do this not only as a means to capture you full attention but also because they are interested in you. Even when not having a conversation or just passing them or just a quick glance they will always make eye contact with you and not easily break it.

Flirty behavior eye contact.
Body language
– Body language it a great way to analyze someone in reading what they’re unconsciously saying without having to say it out loud. Understanding different body languages can help you analyze different situation quickly. Based on someone body language you can tell whether or not they are interested in you in a romantic kind or way or not. Though some body language may not give you a direct answer if the person is extremely shy and nervous those are the sign that you may get.

  • Friendly – When someone is being friendly their body languages is different than if they are being flirty. They will not try to touch you or lean inwards to you when talking. When someone is being friendly their gestures do not have an undertone to it they may not even turn their full body towards you, they won’t try to be as close as possible to you as well. When someone is being friendly they will maintain a good distance between you and them and not try to get closer to you unless it’s a close friend that you are talking to. If you are talking with other person too their attention from their body language won’t be mainly directed to you.


  • Flirty – When someone is being flirty their body language will tell you that they like you and that they are interesting in you. Some body language that they will display is that their body will be turn to you giving you their full attention as they will only be focusing on you. what they will also do is try to be as close to you as possible when you like someone it is a natural instinct that you will want to be close to that person and around them as much as you can, you are also comfortable around as well, which they will be with you. They will also try to find ways in using small gestures to touch you to have physical contact with you in a natural way yet it is intentional on their path. They will also lean closer to you when having a conversation with them even as a way to give a reply to a question you ask. If more there are other person involved in the body is turn to you and gestures are towards you than the other person or persons. They will also stand closer to you or stand facing you when talking to other person as well.

flirty behavior body language

Direction of conversation – Based on the direction of a conversation you can identify the person intentions and by doing so you can tell whether or not they are being flirty or not.

  • Friendly – When someone is being friendly or being nice the conversation have a natural flow to it is not directed in any specific direction. You won’t notice that they are the one controlling the flow or the direction in which the conversation goes for both of you can lead it to different topics. When someone is being friendly the conversation are center around simple normal yet friendly topics like getting to know you or discussion a certain topic you both may be interested in such as sports or music. They won’t go into anything that is too personal unless you lead the conversation there. They will maintain a friendly warm conversation that won’t seem as if they are prying too much into your life but staying on the surface in a safe zone.

friendly behavior

  • Flirty – You can tell if someone is being flirty with you or showing interest in dating you based on the direction of the conversation. First you will notice that they controlling the flow of the conversation and leading it to a certain direction, even if the conversation may go off course, maybe you stray a little from the topic but they will catch on and carry it back because they know the direction that they intend for it to go. The conversation you can end up feeling as if they are prying into your life but in reality they just want to know you more as they want to know whether they may stand a chance with you or not. They will include topics into the conversation such as relationships and whether or not you are single they will want to know about your love life an sex life. They will also try to find out what you look forward to in a person and so forth as they have that motive from the start of the conversation to find certain things out about you in regards to dating and relationships. If someone is being friendly they do really care at the begin if you are taken or your views on dating a person because overtime during the friendship they know they will find that out but with being flirty they want to find out as soon as possible as to know if they have a chance with you are if they still want to pursue you based on your answers.


Cute quote.

Attention – Based on the amount of attention we give to someone can tell how much we value them and so forth. By analyze they type of attention someone gives you can know if they are being flirty or friendly.

  • Friendly – When someone is being friendly they won’t give you an over excessive amount of attention, they may ask to have a friendly hang out every now and then and even so may invite other friends as will. They won’t put off important things to make time for you if it is not an emergency and it can be reschedule. It is natural for friends to give each other attention through messages or hanging out and so forth


  • Flirty – When hat attention from being friendly is increase it is a sign of interest. When someone is being flirty with you they will give you a lot of attention. the person will text you more and reply faster to your messages, always want to hang out and most with just the two of you. They will make you priority over a lot of things and always make time for you. They will spend a lot of time with you a want to be around you as much as possible.

flirty and friendly behaviors


There are a lot of time we do not know whether someone is expressing a friendly behavior around us or a flirty one and it is important that based on reading the signs and the situation to know which is which. Also when someone is interested in you and showing flirty behaviors they will gives you compliments and do little things around you that will give off the impression of something more than friendly. Their action will speak for them.

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