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5 Main Stages of a Crush…// Ultimate Crush Guide

5 Main Stages of a Crush…


Having a crush is so unpredictable because we do not know how it will turn out or how it will affect our life. There are a lot of different types of crushes and some crushes are impossible  such a fictional crushes for the characters aren’t real while some crushes are possible for us act upon such a normal crush. There are also different stages to having a crush that you go through. there are 5 main stages of a crush. Check out my post about the different types of crush http://infiniteemotions.com/2020/07/typesofcrushes-ultimatecrushguide/.

The 5 main stages that we got through when we have a crush.

  1. Discover – Discovery is the first stage of having the crush. In this stage it is not always where you realized or discover that you have a crush on the person however in this stage is where you discover the person existence. When you first meet or saw the person and it is normal that at this point you may start feel the attraction and start to admire the person as some crush happen instantly while some don’t. The discovery state is very unpredictable where you know about the person existence which you may instantly develop the crush and know that you have one or end up being confuse with what you are feel or you may not notice anything and the crush develop after there are different scenarios that can take place.


It is always good in this stage if you find yourself feeling the attraction and admiration for the person to always remain calm and collected, asset what you are feeling. Based on what you have conclude if you want you can do something that is a little subtle but let them notice you so they too are aware of your existence. If you are bold enough you can approach them and have a small conversation center around something light hearted like a common interest for example if you’re at an event around something specific or an simple introduction.


  1. Denial or Acceptance – After knowing about the person and realizing you have some feelings toward them. Some person may go in a state of denial where they do not want to accept they have a crush on the person for whatever reason they do not want to, maybe because it is forbidden or they are off limit or they do not think they that they person will like them back. There can be a lot of different reason why someone may go in a state of denial and not want to accept what they are feeling.

to show denial stage of a crush.

Not everyone goes into denial but for person who do, denial become the second stage then Acceptance become the next when they come out of denial and accept and acknowledge that they have a crush on the person whether they will act on it or not. For some person they do not go it to denial they are more straight forward and easier with accepting what their emotions are telling them so the second stage for them is Acceptance where after the discovery stage they accept their feeling towards the person that they have a crush on them. During the denial or the acceptance stage is where you will access what you are feeling. Most person during this stage will think of the cons and the pros of what they are feeling. Here is where you’ll figure out what type of crush it is and if it is possible in some way for you to have a chance to be with being the person.


  1. Research – The research stage is where curiosity takes over and you are really intrigue by the person and you want to know as much about them as possible so you will use all the possible ways you can think of to discreetly gather information about the person. In this stage is where your infatuation with the person takes over giving you an obsession with them. Here is where your crush on the person can take a turn it is also a point of conformation where based on what you discover about the person can cause you to crush harder where your grows or it can cause your crush to die causing you no longer like the person. Sometimes it is not easy to instantly get over a crush but it can slowly fade away. In the case where base on what you find out about the person you can instantly get over the crush or it gradually fade away. In this stage you have to keep an open mind when finding out the information in judging person.

stage of a crush...

It is also good in this stage if possible for you to actually talk to the person strike up little conversation so you have an experience personally with them and get a personal feel of who the person really is. It also help if you trust someone enough to share what you feelings with them, you can to get their opinion on it based on what you decide. Having someone to confide in and support you during the different stage of your crush is great.



  1. Fantasy – Here is where the idea of romance is already blooming in your head but keeps growing and you think about all the many different scenarios playing them out in your head. This is where you wish you can be with the person. In some case you may already have talk with the person and fantasies about it or if you have not it can lead you to wanting to do so where might where you approach the person and have a small friendly conversation. In this stage you may also confide in someone if you haven’t tell anyone as yet like a friend. Some person are very secret especially base on the type of crush and may not tell anyone it all depends on the situation and the person if they want to share.

Fantasy stage of a crush.

This stage is the most fun and exciting part of a crush because you get to stay up at nights and fantasies about all the moments you wish you had with them. If you also talk with your crush and they do something nice for you or even gives you a compliment you will day dream about it and that is adorable. If you share you crush with someone like a best friend you can always fan girl or fan boy about your crush together. This stage of the crush will get you all excited and flustered for you will always secretly want to see your crush every chance you get. This stage is what makes having a crush so excited with all the fluffy feeling and adorableness but it can also be a sad stage as well for you will yarn to be with your crush and if the odds are against you will feel sad and disappointed about it. It is important to enjoy the experience in this stage and not to focus on anything negative whether or not you have a change or not. This is harmless stage where your imagination is at work everything is simple and not complicated so just live in the moment of your fantasy the rest will work itself out.


  1. Action – This is the stage where most crush do not reach based on the type of crush and if the person decide if they want to act upon the crush. In this stage is where you have gotten to know your crush a bit more by talking to them and you decide to let them know about your feelings or even ask them out. This stage of a crush is also referred to as the finale where the fate of the crush is decide, it is not an easy stage because here you will know whether or not your wish will come through of your crush liking you back. This is a big step to take and require a lot of preparation and courage. It is always best to not get your hope up too high just in case it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to be.

stage of a crush.

This stage of a crush is most avoided because of fear of rejection which most person if not every is afraid of getting rejection but it is always good to take action for it is better knowing that you try than you didn’t, that way you do not live with any ‘what if’ in thinking if they feel the same ways and you never found out and miss that opportunity. Ensure you are in tune with your emotions and whatever the person decide once you approach them always respect their decide and not hate them or carry any bitter feeling. Remember you are an awesome person that would treat them well if they give you the chance so if they don’t it is their loss.



The experience of having different crushes are different and every crush is unique in their own way but there are some general stage of having a crush that you will go through. So stages last longer than other while some crush do not progress pass a certain stage but the general stage that all crush go through if allow to go through all stages. 5 general stages stages:

  • Discovery
  • Denial and Acceptance
  • Research
  • Fantasy
  • Action or Finale


Check out this site for additional information https://www.elitedaily.com/dating/crushes-

Do you have a crush?

If you Do what Stage are you at with you crush?

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