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Circum-Friends is a poem I was working on a while back and I lost inspiration and couldn’t find it for my emotions have abandon me. However listening to Taylor Swift Beautiful New Album Folklore gave me inspiration to find this poem and make it better connecting back with my emotions. their also a short explanation of what the poems about at the end just to clear up if you get lost.

Circumfriends quote.


                                                                              By: Prïnce Chaïkïm


Autumn leave close the distance between us.

Like ocean waves the wind washes over us.

The squeaking sounds of dying leaves rings in my ears as I walk away from us.

And I grew colder with winter as the distance grows between us.

And everything was crying out to me, to not put a dent in us but too naïve I was created a wall between us.


It often cross my mind if I’d cross that line to see something more. I was too late to realize what we got for I can’t unlock feeling I don’t got.

But I could have learn to adopt, for you at least deserved that but you never show or tell so from the start it was damn to hell.

Now we’re in a different time where the zones don’t align and I sign remembering old times. If I could I’d take us back erase the tragedies having our old self intact.


I’d go in blind for it doesn’t take eyes to see that you’re special to me.

I’ll grant your wish if you still desire to do this, I’ll adjust as long as we still get to be us.

I still remember we started out on plain grounds with foot print under our feet a means to follow each other wherever we meet.

Yet now they’ve disappear and as I sit here I wonder if you knew or misses the old us like I do where love and all this was a mystery we never knew.


Your hearts have been touch but barely enough so you don’t know what it’s like to be broken like the rest of us.

My heart is pure but it has been used before so autumn comes and strip me of all that I once know and I’m alone for the winter snow.

Wish I could freeze out everything from when we begin to the point where we aren’t friends anymore.

But I’ll secretly pray for a day maybe not today even if it’s in another lifetime or universe. I’ll pray for us to begin again start over from innocents and friends.

Circumfriends quote.

Small Explanation

Circumfriends is poem about two friends that had a spark of a blossoming romance that could bloom into love. The  Persona was too blind to see it and the friend was to shy and confuse to act upon it and it drive them apart. The persona relive small moments of the best friend they lost and all the possibilities that could have been if they had realized earlier and things turn out differently.

Stream Taylor Swift Amazing Album “Folklore” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsZ6tROaVOQ&list=PLmU8B4gZ41icKdheg4d2KZBgDR1wSWfbH

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