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I never knew I was pretty until I met you

Never know there weren’t limits to the

Things I could do…


I was a caterpillar, but now a butterfly

For you are my wings and you taught me to fly.

The little things you always do and the pretty words

you spoke sweetly to me, like lyrics of a song you’re

my melody. I just can’t get enough of you…


You’re Gorgeous, I wonder if you know

You drive me wild with the things I secretly want to do

With all my fears, I don’t fear loving you, for I’d risked it all

if it means being with you…

Quote about falling in love.

The way you look at me light a fire in my heart

When you’re around I’m never down. For you make

me all fluttery I don know how. You bring the best out in me.


They say it’s bad to fall, especially with the impact

You make when hitting the ground. But I’ll happily fall

Into your arms willing to face whatever consequences to come…


A beam of hope you’re my sun

Brighten my life when you entered my world.

You paint a rainbow in my sky adding colour to my life

And thou I’ll never ever admit this but I fell in love with you

When we first kiss taking me to heaven leaving me breathless.


It clear to say I never plan this but I’ve fallen…

falling for you…


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Have you every experience anything like this?

Can you relate to this poem?

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