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Number one secret to make your Partner Happy!

The number 1 secret of how to make your partner happy! You know what they say a happy wife is a happy life but also is a happy lover and a happy and healthy relationship.

Are you curious is discovering the number secret of how to can make your partner happy?

If you’re in a relationship no doubt the question of whether or not your partner is happy have cross your mind. It is a natural instinct when in a relationship or even in courtship to even a simple crush to want to make the person happy. It can be very stress if you’re in a committed relationship and you notice signs that your partner is not happy whether it be from stress depression or another mental illness or a situation.

A coupe in an initimate moment.

There are a lot of things you can so to as a means to make your partner happy but to be completely honest they make not work. Instead of making them happy it can just evoke a sense of appreciation, love and somewhat romantic satisfaction or in other they make end up being happy with the relationship but not happy otherwise. Even though those thing may not make your partner happy because each situation is different it is still important to ensure that they are being done as to help maintain a healthy relationship so that you can overcome the different obstacles you may face and even make your relationship happier.


Every relationships are different and unique in their own way. Your relationship will have its own unique dynamic, with that said a generalize solution that isn’t personalize may not help you make your partner happy based on the situation that you are in. however there are some general things are needed in a relationship that if it doesn’t give happiness, it leads to the road of happiness. It is also very important that even though your partner may not be happy it doesn’t not mean that they are not happy with your relationship or happy to be with you. There are different types of happiness and your partner may not be struggling with being unhappy with the relationship but something else, the beauty of this post it is that no matter the type of happiness that your partner is experiencing unhappiness for the number one (1) tip to make them happy works for all area.

Happy couple in an romantic and happy moment

Some things that you are to ensure that is being implement in your relationship are:

  • Trust– If you do not have trust your relationship will be unstable and will fall apart. Both person must be able to trust each other. Trust is one of the most important elements needed at the foundation of a relation to build a stable relationship. Both you and your partner need to trust each other to reply on each other which will make your relationship stable and healthier knowing that both of you feel a sense of security with each other and knowing that no matter what you can depend on each other. Trust help to dealing with other issue that will arise if there is no trust in the relationship such as infidelity.


  • Support– It is important that you support your partner whether it is to accomplish a goal or in terms of certain life changes situation always ensure to help to support them as long as they are making good decide to benefit them and you as well as to build together. Even in times where you partner may feel like they have no one to turn to or no one supporting and encouraging them ensure you are their strength and they can always count on you. Be the shoulder they can always lean on as they should for you. Ensure that you make time for them to ensure that you are investing in them and their well-being. Let them know not only by words but by action that you are there for them and you support and care for them


  • Respect– It is important that you and your partner relationship are also built with respect for each other for lack of respect kills relationships. Being insulted by your partner is not an easy or nice pill to swallow or live with as the hurtful memory will always be there to haunt you and suffocate your relationship. Without respect you can’t built and grow trust, love etc. Having respect and proper mannerism in a relationship is crucial for a healthy relationship, remember this is committed intimate relationship is should be built on love and if you love some you first have to respect them. It is important that along the way of your relationship that you and your partner do not lose respect for other but instead it grows.


  • Appreciation– This is always important to let your partner know that you appreciate being with them. Even just by simply having them in your life. I’m not suggesting that you have to be telling them every day or every minute that you are thankful for them but it is important to let them know in both the good times and bad. By letting your partner know that you appreciate all that they have done for you and currently doing even by sticking around not only help eliminate doubts that they may have but also helps with their confidence in the relationships, it help with dealing with insecurities. Also by showing appreciate it works in your favor because they will want to do more to continue earn your appreciation. It is important that your partner get some form of conformation that you’re happy to be with them and by showing appreciation in not only words but with actions is great. You know your partner so you will know the right way to show appreciation to them and how often to do it. Also remember to let them know that you Love them every once in a while or everyday based on your relationship.


  • Understanding – Having a basic understanding in a relationships take it a lot way and also prevents a lot of bumps in the road as you go along. Being able to put yourself in your partner shoes and try to see things from their point of view help to eliminate a lot of misunderstanding and help you to connect with each other on a deeper level. Letting your partner knows that you understand them and sees things from their perspective help to grow your relationship on a deeper level it also increase trusts and make you closer because they will confide in you more and you in them as they do the same.


  • Communication – Communication is a basic requirement for a relationship however for a healthy and happy relationship proper communication is key. You have to be able to talk to each other and express what you are feeling and what is going on. Not knowing what is going through you partner mind during adverse time render you helpless to help them. By having proper communication builds trusts and also enforces loyalty and security in your relationships. Communication also help to prevent misunderstanding and help prevent you from growing apart from each other.


  • Intimacy– Indeed intimacy is a must for a healthy and happy relationships. In terms of intimacy I’m not referring to sexual intimacy which has it role to play but more so on emotional intimacy. Being emotionally intimate with your partner helps you to connect with them on a deeper level. Emotional intimacy forges a bond between you and your partner which will nourishes your relationship in having all the right nutrition for it to be healthy. Being intimate with you partner show a sense of commitment and is also being venerable which connects you not only on a physical level but also an emotional level. Intimacy is also a sign of trusting your partner in a sense of giving yourself to them to them. It shows that you both are comfortable with each other and love and trust each other. True intimacy is achieve from a happy and loving relationships.

Happy Couple Kissing

Bonus Tip…

The number way to make your partner happy is simple by knowing your partner by knowing your partner and having the previous tips implemented in your relationship will give you all you need to make them happy. By knowing your partner all you have to do is find out why they are unhappy and once you know the cause of their unhappiness you can then works towards finding a solution for it. If you do not know why your partner is unhappy or what is causing your partner to be unhappy then you cannot fix it.



The realities is life is very complicated and there are a lot of ups and downs and you may notice that your partner is not happy or there is a change in the way that they were where they do not seems as happy as before and you want to find a solution to make them happy. For someone to be happy or unhappy there must be a reason behind it. By finding out the reason for your partner to be unhappy you can then work on solution to fix it and also become the reasons for their overall Happiness.

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