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Types of Crushes// Ultimate Crush Guide…

Types of Crushes

A crush is an infatuation you have for someone you find attractive and you want to be romantically involved with, however there are many different types of crushes. Do you have a crush? What type of crush do you have? Well let’s find out.

Developing a crush on someone can happen instantly it doesn’t require for you to know the person, you can develop a crush on someone from your first encounter, just one look, just by thinking how quickly crushes can form and how significant they are and how they affects us is just so fascinating. A crush is a beautiful feeling though it can be very painful as well.

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Types of crushes

  • Normal Crush – Is the more popular crushes and more natural and expected kind of crushes. It is the crush that occurs with you and someone are in the same environment. It is your typical everyday crush. For example like a school girl or boy crush, a crush on a fellow co-worker. It is the crush that will normally happen with someone that is around you and will be for quite some time.

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  • Celebrity Crush – Celebrity crushes are popular crushes where you admiration a famous person and have a strong attraction towards them. Is also normal that person will have more than one celebrity crush though they will have a main one. A celebrity crush develops naturally because we see and hear about famous person all the time their life are constantly being watch and are in the media, they may do a lot of interview and are very attractive, their life seem fun and they often time comes off as flawless and with a nice personality. We easily may be intrigued by a celebrity and develop an obsession with them that may not always be healthy but are mostly harmless and develop into a crush.

  • Fictional Crush – Everyone have a Crush on a 2D character that they which would like to be 3D and in reality to fulfill their fantasy. Fictional crushes are adorable crushes that we get from fictional characters whether from movies, cartoon or even anime. We can we develop fictional crushes from reading or even our imagination making our own characters. Fictional crushes are really cute crushes that exist in our mind of us fantasying if they were real and all the possibilities that can take place. Fictional crushes can also affect our standard for love and relations where we see how wonder our fantasies are or the world the character are made in and want a replica of the same thing to get our own happily ever after. Fictional crushes are harmless crushes that we develop just to fantasize about in our imagination they won’t break out heart or reject us for we already know that they are not real the only down side is that we are disappointed and sad that they are not real but we hope that we can end up finding something in reality to substitute for it.

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  • Forbidden Crush – Forbidden crushes are crushes that we develop that we cannot have and it is not acceptable. Forbidden crushes are secret crushes that gives us pleasure living in our fantasy if it was possible. There is always something or an opposing forces a consequence that makes it forbidden. Some forbidden crush is based on like sexuality which is one of the most popular one where based on society and religious belief it is not acceptance. Other may include a crush on your befriend partner, an enemy etc. some forbidden crushes are forbidden because our family, friends or society doesn’t accept it. Forbidden crushes can be very stressful and cause depression and other mentally heath issue if not handle properly. However forbidden crushes are very intense crushes and if given the opportunity to grow turn is to one of the most passionate and loving relationship because of all the hardship and struggle the love would have to bear. Forbidden crushes are normally crushes we try hard to deny and will to go away yet are very persistence and have a big impact our life and mental state. Forbidden crushes are normally kept as secret and not shared with anyone and if share it is with someone trust worthy to keep it as a secret. Forbidden crushes are crushes that are mostly not act upon because of the risk and the consequence of such a relationship that will form out of it not to mention the person may not feel the same. Forbidden Crushes are one of the truest, Purest and strongest kind of crushes because we do not want to have feeling for the person and have no control over what we feel.

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  • Bestfriend Crush – I would classify best friend crush as a normal crush but most website separate the crushes because not everyone will have a crush on their best friend. Best friend crushes are simple when you have a crush on your best friend. Best friend crushes are very unpredictable crushes were if your best friend like you back then a beautiful relationship is form where you both will know a lot about each other including secret and so forth. However if your best friend don’t feel the same way or you do not confess it can be very painful and frustrating as well because you will want your feeling for them to go away, or the jealousy you’ll feel if the like someone else or start to date someone else. Having something that you want constantly present in front of you can be very stressful knowing that is all you want but you may never be able to get it is not easy. When you have a crush on your best friend it is not easy for you are constantly around them and these kind of crushes can easily develop in to unrequited love where you know the person so much you fall in love with them. Best friend crushes will take you on a roller coaster ride where you will struggle with trying to figure out whether or not they like you back in the same way or if you are getting mix-signal when you are sharing special intimate moments together.

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  • Stranger Crush – Is a crush you get on a complete stranger someone who you do not know and possible won’t get to know. Stranger crush is the type of crush that is develop mostly based on physical appearance because this type of crush you do not know the person. Some website refer it as a ‘pass by crush’ but that a bit too narrow because this type of crush is wider than just seeing a stranger walk pass you. You come across a stranger crush by a lot of means all the requirement is that it is a crush you develop on a complete stranger which to be honest is how a lot of crushes are form until you know the person but a strange crush will stay a stranger crush for you properly won’t see the person again or anytime soon or you may see time a few times but you do not get to know them.


  • Internet Crush – An internet is a crush you develop on someone you see on the internet. Some websites will classify as Instagram or twitter crushes but there are so many platform on the internet where you can see and meet person and develop crushes so the general term for the type of crush is internet crush it doesn’t matter the social media site you find them on those are like the sub-category for them. It is also similar to stranger crushes because most times these crushes are a stranger but then you will know somethings about them because social media is a place that let you get to know person, so it not a stranger crush though they don’t know you.

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Bonus Crushes no one talk about but exist.

  • Convenient Crush – Convenient crushes are crushes that no one really talks about and most person don’t really know exist. This type of crushes are self-given crushes which not a lot of person can do, it is where you develop a crush on someone because it is convenient for you. It is normally a crush that you develop based on what you think or perceive to be okay or even acceptable. Sometimes this kind of crushes can be developed as a substitute kind of crush to avoid another crush or to get over another crushes. Some form of convenient crushes can be a crush on someone that is deem acceptable by parent, families, friends or even society. For example to hide ones sexuality based on not wanting to judge, ridicule and hated and so forth.

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  • Mood Crush – A mood crush is a crush that you get when you in certain mood it is like a on and off crush. It is a crush that you have on a person that most time is not even consider a crush however there are moment when you’re feeling for them randomly change and it goes back and forth which is a very confusing crush. Sometimes this crush is associated with being around and seeing the person, where when you aren’t around the person you don’t really feel any for them more than a mere admiration or attraction but when you see them you can’t help the pull they have on your emotion. This type of crush is like a mood one minute you’re feeling it the next you are not.

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There are a lot of crushes and a lot of sub-list for the different category a crush can fall under. Crushes are such a fascination and interesting thing for someone to just magically have all those effect on you without your permission and how your emotions go wild and out of control because of them. Yet crushes can be very complicated and cause a lot of stress and hurt if not deal with properly the experience can impact us negativity.

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what types of Crushes do you have? please comment and let me know!!!

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