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what is a Crush?// Ultimate Crush Guide…

What is a Crush?

Almost everyone has experience having a crush on someone in their life at least once. Having a crush on some is a very special and yet complicated feeling. There are so many factor to take in to consideration when you have a crush and also dealing with the crush. Knowing what is a crush is to first understand what you are feeling. You must be able to identifying if you have a crush or not.secret to crush.The key is to master your crushes so that you do not get crush from the experience whether or not you end up dating the person or not. Your emotions comes into play when you have a crush it can be overwhelming at times. When you have a crush your emotions get out of control and are all over the place with you trying to keep what you are feeling under control while trying to not to make a fool of yourself.

What is a crush?

Knowing what is a crush is very important so you do not confuse what you are feeling. It is always important to know what you are feeling especially when it comes to romantic emotions. A crush is an infatuation with someone. In other words I like to say it is a strong attraction with some one that causes obsession or infatuation. A crush is normally referred to a short term feeling but let be honest here, there are crushes that can also be long term. There are some crushes that never dies whether it be a celebrity, fictional or even childhood crushes for example that we never grow out of.

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Identifying your feelings

Difference between Crush and Attraction- Being attracted to someone or finding someone attractive is different from having a crush on them. Being attracted to some is not as deep as having a crush on someone. Attraction takes in to consideration that you like something about the person whether is being a physical quality they possess or their personality but you like it and you’re drawn to it. However attractions can lead to a crush or be a crush but some attraction just aren’t strong enough to be considered a crush. There are lot of person that you see and find them attractive and that they have a lots of good quality yet you are not infatuated with them or have a slight obsession with wanting to be with them when an attraction reach that point it is considered a crush. A Crush take into account Attraction towards the person, but Attraction not being strong enough is not a Crush.

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Difference between Crush and Admiration- Having admiration towards someone is not the same as you having a crush on them. When you have a crush on someone you will admire a lot of things about them hence why you have a crush because of the quality that they have that you admire and find attractive. There are a lot of persons that have quality that you admired but you do not have a crush on them such as a friend, school mate, co-worker, acquaintance or even a stranger but you do not have a romantic or sexual desire towards them in a sense you want to be in a relationship with them. It is important that you know to differentiate between having an admiration for someone and having a crush on someone so you are not confuse and end up in any situation you will regret after.Crush Quote.

Difference between Crush and Obsession- Having a crush is an infatuation or an obsession with someone in a romantic way. However there are some obsession that you can have towards someone that is not considered a crush. There may be a quality, talent or skill that someone possess that you are impress with that causes an obsession and remember an obsession is not necessary a bad thing, as long as it is a good harmless kind of obsession. Example of certain obsession that may not be a crush is when it comes to celebrities you may just be obsess with how they look or their talent or skill but do not have a crush on them so you turn out to be a big fan of them but you do not have a crush on them. There are different quality that person have that you may be obsess with to find out more or just being around them because of it but it doesn’t evoke romantic feelings. When you are obsess with someone in a romantic way and you find them attractive and you want to be with them that is a crush.  Adorable crush quote.

Difference between Crush and Love- Being in Love with some and having a crush on someone is two different thing through have very simple emotions at work. Loving someone is deeper and stronger also last longer in most cases than having a crush on them in other words it is the level above having a crush on someone. There is a deeper sense of attraction, infatuation, obsession and admiration when you are in love. There are countless definition of what Love is and how to tell if you’re in love. Check out my other two blog post that explain that http://infiniteemotions.com/2020/06/what-is-love/ and http://infiniteemotions.com/2020/06/areyouinlove/.Crushes can lead to love but love cannot lead to a crush. You do not have to know a person to develop a crush on them but love takes more time and requires you to know the person in most cases a lot. 

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A crush is an burning desire to be with with someone in a romantic way that can take place instantly and doesn’t require you to know the person. There are different of types of crushes you can check out in my other post here http://infiniteemotions.com/2020/07/typesofcrushes-ultimatecrushguide/ to know the different types of crushes. Being able to differentiate with what you are feeling is important so that you are award of your emotions at all times to better be able to address the situation is important. Knowing when you are crushing on some one and what type it is whether or not you want to pursuit it is important.


  • You can be attracted to someone and not have a crush on them. Attraction can also turn into a crush. For when you are crushing on someone you find the person attractive.
  •  A Crush is not the same as Admiration for someone but Admiration for someone can develop into a crush.
  • A crush is not the same as having an obsession with someone. You can be obsess with someone and not have a crush and you can have a crush on someone and be obsess with them.
  • Being is Love with someone and having a Crush on someone is different, you can have a crush that develop into Love but Love doesn’t turn to Crush it is deeper.

Do you have any Crushes on someone or was it an Attraction, Admiration, Obsession or Love? Please comment and let me know.

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